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Last B$I Meeting Of The Semester

6 May

Last B$I Meeting Of The Semester

Today is the last B$I meeting for the 2014 spring semester. Thank you to everyone who makes the B$I possible, especially Marty. Have a great summer everybody.


“People Not For Sale” was a huge success!

6 May

The B$I’s event “People Not For Sale” was an enormous success! We would like to give thanks to all the performers and speakers who made the night possible. We’d also like to thank Boloco for their delicious burritos. We hope to see you at our next event soon.

Happy Tuesday Everybody

8 Apr

Greetings to all the entrepreneurs out there! Remember to stop by the BSI office (7 Haviland, Room 232) on Thursdays and Tuesdays from 2 – 4 pm for help with anything business or startup related. We offer FREE business consultation. We will help you draft a business plan, find funding, develop your ideas, etc. Hope to see you soon! 

Also – here’s the awesome and inspirational story of AirBnB. Just thought I’d share 🙂

Tip of the Week

25 Mar

Hello everyone!

Here’s your weekly tip, this one is from the BSI’s one and only Seth Bella: 

When splitting equity between founding members, try to avoid settling for an even split. Often times this will lead to issues in the future. You must split for the future. A tactic such as vesting can make sure each member contributes an equal amount over time to earn their fair share.

We hope that this will help you in some shape or form one day. We just wanted to remind you to follow your dreams! Have a great day everybody! 

More Guest Speakers on the Way!

25 Feb


Were you there? It was awesome- don’t miss our next featured guest speaker!

Have a great day everybody!

Need Funding?

25 Feb











Hey Entrepreneurs!

Need funding? Check this awesome article out:

4 Great Tips For Finding Funding For Your Startup” by Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/drewhendricks/2013/10/31/4-great-tips-for-finding-funding-for-your-startup/

Weekly Consultations

4 Mar

If you have a business idea, visit 7 Haviland, Room 232 from 2-4PM on Tuesday, March 5, 2013! Whether you’re idea is scrawled on a napkin or dwells in a 50-page business plan, the Business $tartups Initiative team will help walk you through different stages of the business startup process!