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Tip of the Week

25 Mar

Hello everyone!

Here’s your weekly tip, this one is from the BSI’s one and only Seth Bella: 

When splitting equity between founding members, try to avoid settling for an even split. Often times this will lead to issues in the future. You must split for the future. A tactic such as vesting can make sure each member contributes an equal amount over time to earn their fair share.

We hope that this will help you in some shape or form one day. We just wanted to remind you to follow your dreams! Have a great day everybody! 

B$I Tip of the Week:

4 Mar

Frameworks help you understand how your money flows. Profit can be broken into revenue minus costs – what you make minus what you spend. You can break revenue into price x quantity. To cut costs, you can either reduce the number of things you purchase or find ways to pay less for them, such as buying in bulk.

Next Week: Guest Speaker and Office Hour

7 Mar

Please join the Business $tartup Initiative next Monday as we kick off the week with a presentation titled, “Funding Your Startup,” featuring guest speaker Kim Pfluger, owner and studio manager of Keep the Edge Studios. Then, on Tuesday, March 12 we have office hours in 7 Haviland room 232 from 2pm-4pm. 

GUEST SPEAKER EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/421711454581930/?fref=ts

OFFICE HOURS: https://www.facebook.com/events/515063628532344/?fref=ts

Please fill out this application if you would like to schedule a consultation:

Business $tartup Initiative Application