Music Copyright Primer- 6 Exclusive Rights of a Copyright Owner

25 Apr
Library of Congress Reading Room

Library of Congress Reading Room

The 6 Exclusive Rights (listed in the Section 106 of the copyright Act)

Reproduction (ex. recording a song and manufacturing a CD with the song)

Distribution No one can sell, rent, or lease copies of your songs without an agreement in place. It doesn’t matter whether the songs are in CD, download, or vinyl formats. There are both physical and digital mediums of distribution.

Public Performance(s) this means a performance in front of 10 or more people. The copyright owner joins one of these 3 public performance societies (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) and charge ALL public places that play songs (bars, schools, concert halls, radios, EVERYWHERE) and they collect those performance fees and pay the artists the royalty monies.

Derivative works Ex. A movie based on a book. Copyright Law, section 107 discusses derivative works.

Public Display (applies not to music but works of  fine art)

In the case of song recordings, right to digital performance

The Library of Congress is the legal repository for copyright protection and copyright registration. “Click” on the image of the Library of Congress Reading Room  above to explore more of the copyright law.


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