24 Apr

Steve Berlin Johnson is the author of 8 books regarding science, technology, and individual perception. His book Where Good Ideas Come From ranked as one of the top books of 2010 by The Economist. His YouTube video also titled, “Where Good Ideas Come From,” outlines the subject matter of his book and provides great insight for entrepreneurs.

Most good ideas take a lot of time to develop; certain spaces and technologies allow for the development of ideas. Tim Berners Lee, creator of the World Wide Web (WWW), spent 10 years formulating his idea before it became reality. What started off as a side project to better organize his own data transformed into the Internet we know today. Often, people begin with “half” ideas, or small hunches. English coffee houses in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries served as spaces that fostered creativity. People of all walks of life could discuss political, social, scientific, or other matters. When people are more connected, one person’s small hunch and another person’s small hunch can form a larger idea. Cell Phones, iPads, computers, radio, and television all provide connectivity.  Steve Berlin Johnson argues that technology helps people expand their creativity more than ever before. A good idea might not arise over night, but with patience, anything is possible.



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