Technology is making me lazy

8 Apr

According to, Fancy Hands is an app that will help you manage your time.  The app integrates with project-management tools and task-management tools such as Basecamp,, Asana, and Evernote. The app will perform tasks for you. For example, if you need to order the most affordable computer paper, the app will research prices for computer paper and order the paper on your behalf.

I often use ink and pen when I’m making to-do lists. Sometimes formatting to-do lists on a smartphone can be more time-consuming than simply writing tasks down on loose-leaf paper. It would be awesome to have an app that does things for you, but what happens if it performs the task incorrectly? For example, the app orders photo paper instead of standard copy paper. Also, the technology might make me unproductive rather than productive. It could potentially make users of the app lazy; laziness can then lead to forgetfulness. Do we really need a computer to do everything for us?

-John Hyland



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