Being socially conscious

15 Mar

Today, I read an article on titled, “‘Impact Entrepreneurship’ Places Importance on Social Consciousness,” by Michelle Goodman. Michelle discusses the effect entrepreneurs can have in improving the world. For example, Moxie Jeans is an online reseller of kids’ clothes. Families can sell lightly-used clothing to Moxie Jeans or buy used clothing from the site. Founder, Sharon Schneider, created Moxie Jeans because she is determined to reduce wasteful consumption.

If you have an idea with socially conscious overtones, be sure to create a strong underlying business model.
Peter Scott owns Burn Manufacturing, a company that builds and sells stoves in Africa. One goal of the business is to save forests by providing people with fuel-efficient stoves. Scott argues that impact and equity investors are really looking for three things: is it sustainable? is it profitable? and is it having an impact?

Check out the article to learn more about this very positive movement known as impact entrepreneurship.

– John Hyland

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